Anonymous asked:

Hi -You're source for Jason Todd on 16th August states that that is the date for when he died, not his birthday.

Good eye, Anon!

So, this is one of those strange cases where the data is correct but the source is wrong.  For those of you who don’t know what we’re on about, we’re discussing this link: the DC wiki page from Detective Comics #790.  This is the unfortunate problem with using wikis as sources (and why your teachers always advise you not to use Wikipedia as a primary source).  At some point the page was edited with incorrect information.  This either happened after I first read it, or I simply wasn’t paying close enough attention when I chose to link it.  As Anon notes, the wiki page says that August 16 is Jason Todd’s death date, but I listed it as his birthdate.

Just to be sure, I went to the comic itself for verification.  Page 1 show the following:


The story continues from there as Batman crusades through the night, more angry and violent than usual.  Batgirl notices and, after some prodding, Batman finally relents and takes her to a cemetery where we get this scene:


Basically, Bruce is angrier than usual because it’s Jason Todd’s birthday and he’s thinking about all the things that Jason would never get to do because he died so young.

I set up an account to correct the wiki.  Thanks for keeping me honest, Anon!

I have to admit, I always wondered whether people were actually looking at the sources.